Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The future is in their hands...

Our wee one is getting ready for her art show this weekend in Cardiff. Mommy promised to wax this one for her. Happy to see it's of rainbows, hearts, birds and clean water to swim in...must be doing a few things right. Who knows, this piece might just end up in the "Green Flash" exhibition this weekend. Grandma did request to put a reserve on it. Keep creative people, we are all artists using different instruments to the beat of life. . . tell someone you love them today & make it brighter.

~ ~ ~ LOVE is like the Ocean ~ ~ ~ Swim in it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wait, you can't in the Gulf Coast ~ ~ ~ we need solutions to this problem...

Taking a much needed cyber break as I gear up for art show madness...ask & ye shall receive...3 Art shows coming up in less than 40 days. No complaints, however craving a body surfing session/surf session/sunshine as my heart is always with the sea. . . shot this yesterday...bittersweet as I can swim in the Pacific Ocean any day of the week but you can't if you're in the Gulf Coast...we need solutions, the images are heartbreaking & maddening.

Monday, June 28, 2010

* YOU'RE INVITED, "Green/Flash" Art Show, Sat. July 3rd, Cardiff, CA *


Thursday, June 24, 2010

* Many Mahalos Todd Hannigan *

Many Mahalos to musician Todd Hannigan for supplying my website, his tunes. Look for Todd's new album this Fall. I highly recommend all of his music, it's stunning & the lyrics are so poetic. You've certainly heard his talent in some of your fave flicks too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

* Serena Mitnik-Miller added to July 17th all women's exhibition line-up *

One of Serena's gorgeous hand painted Bing boards. . .
Serena Mitnik-Miller &Mason St. Peter in front of their San Francisco's Outer Sunset home.

Stoked to hear that the very talented artist that was in "Dear & Yonder", Serena Mitnik-Miller is on board to participate in an upcoming all women's group show. Opening night, Sat. July 17th, 5 p.m. at "Green Flash" gallery, 117 Chesterfield Dr., Cardiff. Click on the images below for links to Serena. She'll be joining fellow artist Julie Goldstein, Ashley Francomb, Kris De Grazio & Susan Wickstrand for the show.

Monday, June 21, 2010

CARDIFF IS CULTURE = GREEN FLASH * Save The Date * I'll be in a group show, Sat. July 3rd, 5 p.m. 111 Chesterfield, Cardiff (Across from Patagonia)

A beautiful artwork by Julie Goldstein, one of the artists in "Green Flash" July 3rd exhibition
Artwork by the talented Julie Goldstein, created for Billabong's "Design for Humanity"

MORE ART SHOWS COMING TO CARDIFF @ GREEN FLASH, 1st exhibition will be Sat. July 3rd at 5-10 p.m. featuring works by; Julie Golstein, Susan Wickstrand, Ashley Francomb, Wade Konakosky, Roy Soravia, Kris DeGrazio, and Kevin Roche. Show runs July 3 - July 17th.

Monday, June 14, 2010

* New Oil & New Oil and Encaustic Paintings *

Here's a couple new oils. One is an Oil on Canvas, and the other Oil & Encaustic (wax) on Wood Panel. The last image is an oldie but a goodie large Oil & Encaustic on Wood Panel from a solo show with Jan Baum Gallery, LA, CA.

Susan Wickstrand, "Dusk Falls", 2010, Oil & Encaustic on Wood Panel, 30" x 24", Signed & Dated on Verso, © 2010 Susan Wickstrand All Rights Reserved

Susan Wickstrand, "She Hangs Brightly", 2010, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30", Signed & Dated on Verso, © 2010 Susan Wickstrand All Rights Reserved

Susan Wickstrand, "Turner's Sea", 2004, Oil & Encaustic on Wood Panel, 4' x 4', Signed & Dated on Verso, Collection of Elizabeth Snyder, LA, CA, © 2010 Susan Wickstrand All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's up next; Art Show with Warren Bolster's work during the US Surfing Open in Huntington Beach, CA

What's up next after a successful, "Blue Realm" show in Cardiff ? We'd like to thank 300 of our closest friends for showing up! wowza...Lots is up! More collaborations with legends of surf photography. A group show with legendary photographer Warren Bolster's works, my collaborative pieces with Art Brewer & paintings, and fellow artist, Skye Walker. All during Huntington Beach's U.S. Surfing Open. Stay tuned for's gonna be good! You can click on the image to order this beautiful coffee table book directly from The Surfer's Journal or click here. The Surfer's Journal also sells Signed & Numbered Limited Edition copies of Warren Bolster's Book too, click here.