Monday, December 3, 2012

Over 30 Custom Designed iPhone Cases by Artist Susan Wickstrand

30 days of portable, Artsy, Tech Savvy Gifting.  iPhone Hard Cases custom designed by Artist Susan Wickstrand now available. We also ship Globally. Click here to purchase & Happy, Happy Christmas, Hannukah and Holidays ~ Susan

Friday, November 23, 2012

New iPhone 4/4s Art by Susan Wickstrand Cell Phone Cases

Shop Small, Shop Local this Holiday Season and support Locally owned businesses.  All Susan Wickstrand Fine ART products are produced in the USA & many by hand. Thank you & Enjoy the Season ~ Susan

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Magazine "Art For Surfers" Issue

I was happy when asked to contribute some of my artworks for a special, "Art For Surfers" edition of Blue Magazine in Japan.  It is a leading surf magazine in Japan.

I had the pleasure of attending for the 1st the time the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan this May, 2012 with my photographer husband, Kevin Roche.  I got to meet so many wonderful new friends/fans and to share my unique oil & encaustic (wax) collages with so many people.  I also had a chance to debut my new limited edition hand glassed/resined collages on wood panel.  These images were very popular at the Greenroom Festival.

We had such a wonderful time visiting Japan, and fell in love with the country, the culture, the fashion, food, towns like Kamakura, and most of all it's people.  We also had the pleasure of getting to know talented fellow artists, shapers and illustrators better too.  I had my artwork also in the debut edition of Honey Magazine and got to attend the launch party at Ron Herman, Tokyo, Japan. The dividends from our Japan visit keep coming, and we hope to return one day soon.

Here's a few shots from this newest issue of, "Blue Magazine", "Art For Surfers" issue, Japan.  Arigato Blue Mag!

Blue Magazine, "Art for Surfers" issue. Susan Wickstrand's Original, One of a Kind, Oil & Encaustic (wax) collages on wood panel.
Blue Magazine Cover Artwork by Yusuke Hanai, Susan Wickstrand at Green Room Festival, Yokohama, Japan

Susan Wickstrand, "Pocket, Mysto Surfer"Trestles, CA, Original, Oil, Ink & Encaustic (wax) collaborative collage with photographer Tom Servais
Susan Wickstrand, "Lauren Hill, Noosa Slide, Aus", Orig. Oil, Ink & Encaustic (wax) collaborative collage with photographer, Todd Glaser.
Susan Wickstrand, "Frequency, Dane Reynolds", Orig. Oil, Ink & Encaustic (wax) collab. collage with photographer, Tom Servais.
Susan Wickstrand, "CC-Slider" Chris Christensen, Orig. Oil, Ink & Encaustic (wax) collab. collage with photographer, Kevin Roche.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Susan's Gift Guide for the Holidays

This year I recommend buying local and supporting small businesses in your town.  I've created a list of some suggested gift ideas all available locally at Bliss 101 in Encinitas or on my Etsy Web site.  All items are created in the *USA*, and of the highest quality materials.  Enjoy your shopping this season & spreading some ARTsy cheer to others.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Susan Wickstrand ARTworks released, currently on view at Surfindian, PB

Here's 11 of my newest one of a kind Original Oil & Encaustic (wax) Collages.  The process of Encaustic comes from the Ancient Greeks.  They'd paint the bows of their wooden ships in pigment then coat with molten wax to protect.  To this day it's a great way to create art.  All originals are currently on view at Surfindian, PB. Click on each image for more info.  Enjoy:
 "Tamarack to Tangiers"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "She Slides"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Sea Flowers & Saffron"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Outlaws, Homage to Danny Lyon" NFS, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Meet Me At The Sea"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Last Match"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Gun Slingers, Christenson & Brewer"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Gun Slinger, CC Slider"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Go Faster, Chris Christenson"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
 "Colette, NYC to Tokyo"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel
"Glaser Would Go"©, 2012, Orig. Oil & Encaustic Collage on Wood Panel

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Boardroom Artist's Show at Koniakowsky Ocean Art

Come join us Sat. Oct. 6th, from 6:30 - 10 at Koniakowsky Ocean Art exhibit on Cedros.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New work New show at Surfindian

Join us Sun. Sept. 9th, 12-4 at Surfindian with new artworks by Susan Wickstrand and Sho Watanabe
Kids welcome, free BBQ drinks, music friends & fun. Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Live Aloha Trucker Hats, get yours!

"Live Aloha" Trucker Hats a plenty! 1st round of Susan Wickstrand trucker hats have Sold Out several times & exceeded all expectations.  We created a fun foam trucker hat that has a custom made artsy Button Club "Aloha" button with it.  These buttons are created from another artwork of Susan's and can be pinned onto a jean jacket, recyclable tote or kept right where they are!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rip Curl Taco Tuesday at Hansen Surfboards, Susan Wickstrand, "Artist of the Search" apparel available

You're invited: Tues., June 26th from 11AM - 1PM at Hansen Surfboards for Rip Curl's Taco Tuesday, retail tour. All "Artist of the Search" apparel by Susan Wickstrand will be available at Hansens. Spend $50 on any girls Rip Curl Product and receive a free Susan Wickstrand for Rip Curl tee. Free custom hat press for all those who attend.  Stop by and get your Summer apparel on!
Rip Curl, "Artist of the Search" bikinis, tanks, T's and totes by Susan Wickstrand

Monday, June 18, 2012

New "Live Aloha" trucker Hat for the Summer by Susan Wickstrand

I've created these new "Live Aloha" trucker hats in time for Summer! Each hat comes with a collectable hand made "Aloha" button created by "The Button Club". Pin it on a jean jacket or beach tote.  There's more hats coming in this series with new fun images for Summer 2012 so stay tuned!

Click Here to order!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Show This Sat. SALTWATER with Kevin Roche at Bliss 101

Please come join us for an evening filled with art by talented photographer, Kevin Roche and Susan Wickstrand, music by The Red Fox Tails, food, friends and fun. Sat. June 9th from 6-9 at Bliss 101, Encinitas, CA.  I'll have a series of large scaled glassed pieces available for the 1st time.  Plus a few surprises! We hope to see you there ~ Susan & Kevin

Japan was Amazing!

Here's some photo highlights from our recent trip to Japan for Greenroom Festival 2012.  We fell in love with the country & it's people and hope to return one day soon!
Wall of Susan Wickstrand Art at Greenroom Festival. Glad we had backup suitcases of Artwork to replace pieces as they were selling. We were very busy & I was so grateful to have the lovely, Mariko Atsumi & friend to help translate and explain some of the narrative going on in my work.
Sharing shakas with fellow artist Heather Brown & Susan Wickstrand
Signing the back of Artworks & taking photos with the new clients is very popular in Japan!
Kevin and I at the Ron Herman, Tokyo launch party for "Honey Magazine" debut. It's a sister magazine to "Blue" and I was fortunate enough to have an article in it on my artworks.
Our visit to Kita Temple in Kamakura was amazing! Here's a shot I grabbed of a monk descending a staircase in front of temple gates.
Gorgeous entry temple into the Engakuji, Temple, The Sanmon Gate, Kamakura. This gate is gigantic and no nails were used in it's construction.  Simply amazing to behold in person.  Our Kamakura visit was a highlight of our trip to Japan.  I hope to go to Kyoto also next time as I love Temple and the history of it all.
 Kevin and I in front of The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu). It is a bronze statue that was cast in 1252.  You can also go INSIDE the cast Buddha, something worth doing!
Our final night in Japan spent with Greenroom & Heather Brown Japan Gallery Owner, Jun Yoshimura (far right corner) and Yohei Otani (far upper left), Greenroom Gallery, HI and friends.
Artworks loaded in & installed on Friday, got Artist pass and ready for Greenroom Festival to begin on Saturday & Sunday.  Thank you to all who came out to meet me, thank you for the gifts, smiles, photos, art sales, and wonderful time in Japan.  It's been a trip of a lifetime.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Green Room Festival 2012

Konichiawa Japan!  Off to Greenroom Festival, Yokohama Japan, and for the Launch party of "Honey" Magazine at Ron Herman in Tokyo. Can't wait! Bags packed, Have lots of amazing art in store, ready to travel.  Let's do this!