Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rip Curl, "Artist of the Search"

RIP CURL GIRLS: (L to R) Alana, Bethany, Steph, and Tyler.
Photo: Ted Grambeau for © Rip Curl

It's official; I'm feeling very grateful & just basically stoked to be chosen by Rip Curl to represent them as their next; "Artist of the Search". Previous artists on this project have included the very talented, Tyler Warren & Hawaii's talented, Heather Brown.
Here's a couple of collages of mine that seems to have caught their design teams eye...

Susan Wickstrand, "Indian Summer", Oil, Collage & Encaustic on Wood Panel

Susan Wickstrand "Orange Peels", Oil, Collage & Encaustic on Wood Panel, (center image of Ryan Burch provided by Kevin Roche)
Susan Wickstrand, "A Love Story", Oil, Collage, India Ink & Encaustic on Wood Panel
Rip Curl's Alana Blanchard introducing her "Alana's Closet" collaborative swim series for Spring 2010.

a fun shot I took (above) with the vintage logo from my wet suitThe amazing Triple World Champion; Stephanie Gilmore is a Rip Curl Girl

The original collages I'll be creating for them will go onto bikinis, board shorts, T's, Flip Flops and Bags globally. Ready set go! Off to Brazil soon to meet up with their Global design team.

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