Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fred Segal, Yokohama, Japan Featured Artist, Susan Wickstrand for Grand Opening

Here's a shot of my Art Wall installation at the Brand New, Fred Segal, Yokohama, Japan at the Marine & Walk.  I was comissioned by Fred Segal's to created a custom-made artwork for the event. I reached out to one of my favorite Ladyslider's and collaborators, Lauren Hill for this special custom-made artwork, "SIMPLE".  If you're in Yokohama be sure to stop by and check it out! Mahalo, Greenroom Gallery, Lauren Hill, photographer Ming Nomchong and Fred Segals!

Fun Nite at Thalia Surf for Yusuke Hanai's Vans show, Laguna Beach, CA

At Yusuke Hanai's Vans Opening this Spring at Thalia Surf in Laguna Beach. Sharing smiles L-R with Itoi Yoshitaka, Kevin Roche and owner, Nick Cocores. Good Times!