Monday, May 31, 2010

Capturing the essence of the Coast: Susan Wickstrand

Thank you Jim Moriarty (CEO of Surfrider Foundation) for Posting the following on your Blog, Ocean, Waves, Beaches:

When I think of our oceans, waves and beaches my mind still... thank God... goes to thinking of all the joy I receive from them (as opposed to defaulting to the myriad of challenges they have).

It's because of that category, the joy category, that images like the one above connect with me. This is Robert Rauschenberg meets Paul Gauguin (with a dash of Gerry Lopez).

The work is by Susan Wickstrand, San Diego artist. I love it. More of her work here.

Susan Wickstrand
"Sleeping on a Honeysuckle" 2008
16" x 16"
Signed & Dated Limited Ed. Print on Canvas
Lopez image in artwork provided by James Cassimus

A Visual Portfolio of Susan Wickstrand's Artwork from Susan Wickstrand on Vimeo.

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