Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Japan was Amazing!

Here's some photo highlights from our recent trip to Japan for Greenroom Festival 2012.  We fell in love with the country & it's people and hope to return one day soon!
Wall of Susan Wickstrand Art at Greenroom Festival. Glad we had backup suitcases of Artwork to replace pieces as they were selling. We were very busy & I was so grateful to have the lovely, Mariko Atsumi & friend to help translate and explain some of the narrative going on in my work.
Sharing shakas with fellow artist Heather Brown & Susan Wickstrand
Signing the back of Artworks & taking photos with the new clients is very popular in Japan!
Kevin and I at the Ron Herman, Tokyo launch party for "Honey Magazine" debut. It's a sister magazine to "Blue" and I was fortunate enough to have an article in it on my artworks.
Our visit to Kita Temple in Kamakura was amazing! Here's a shot I grabbed of a monk descending a staircase in front of temple gates.
Gorgeous entry temple into the Engakuji, Temple, The Sanmon Gate, Kamakura. This gate is gigantic and no nails were used in it's construction.  Simply amazing to behold in person.  Our Kamakura visit was a highlight of our trip to Japan.  I hope to go to Kyoto also next time as I love Temple and the history of it all.
 Kevin and I in front of The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu). It is a bronze statue that was cast in 1252.  You can also go INSIDE the cast Buddha, something worth doing!
Our final night in Japan spent with Greenroom & Heather Brown Japan Gallery Owner, Jun Yoshimura (far right corner) and Yohei Otani (far upper left), Greenroom Gallery, HI and friends.
Artworks loaded in & installed on Friday, got Artist pass and ready for Greenroom Festival to begin on Saturday & Sunday.  Thank you to all who came out to meet me, thank you for the gifts, smiles, photos, art sales, and wonderful time in Japan.  It's been a trip of a lifetime.

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